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College Faculty, Staff & Services

Columbus State Faculty

Columbus State faculty play a critical role in the planning and implementation of dual credit courses. College faculty members have the opportunity to engage in dual credit in one or a combination of the following roles:


Dual Credit Lead Faculty

Dual Credit Lead Faculty are qualified Columbus State faculty members who collaborate with the Office of Dual Credit, the Academic Department, and the High School instructor to ensure that all Dual Credit course content and learning is the equivalent of that offered at the Columbus State campus. Duties of Dual Credit Lead Faculty include reviewing and recommending approval of credentialed high school instructors; approving course syllabi, policies, and assessments; observing high school dual credit instructors; providing mentoring and professional development and dialogue; and managing situations that arise in ways that maintain the academic quality of Columbus State courses and ensure the academic support of Columbus State dual credit high school students.

Course Discipline/Lead/Contact info

Dual Credit Instructors

Dual Credit courses are taught by instructors with credentials appropriate for the delivery of the course. Columbus State faculty members may elect to teach a dual credit class located within a high school as part of their teaching load. High school teachers who meet the credential requirements may serve as volunteer faculty and deliver the course if they are approved by the college. Whether the instruction is provided by a college employee or a high school employee, the course must meet the same level of rigor as any other course on the college campus, including expectations regarding attendance, participation, level and pace of instruction, and assessments. All dual credit faculty are expected to maintain college records including use of the college Blackboard learning management system, college email for communications, Early Alert messages regarding student progress throughout the semester, and Midterm Progress and Final Grade reporting in Cougarweb. Dual Credit instructors are responsible for deploying Course Evaluations to students enrolled in the class as directed by the college.

High school teachers who wish to apply to teach a dual credit class must meet the criteria established by the Ohio Board of Regents and by Columbus State Community College. Details regarding Board of Regents qualifications may be located here. High school teachers may apply to teach Columbus State dual credit classes by following the directions under the “For High School Teachers” tab.

Dual Credit Instructor of Record

Columbus State faculty may create online digital content to deliver an online learning experience that is facilitated by a high school teacher who does not meet the eligibility criteria to teach a dual credit course but who can enhance the learning experience for students in the classroom. The Columbus State Instructors of Record regularly meet with high school facilitators at least one semester prior to implementation of the course. They review and discuss textbooks, course media, class assignments, mandatory assessments, labs, and expectations of the students. Columbus State Instructors of Record serve as mentors to the high school teachers regarding the course curriculum and instruction. Instructors of Record are responsible for ensuring the academic quality of the learning experience and for delivering the final course grade for all enrolled students.

Dual Credit Faculty Fellows

Dual Credit Faculty Fellows work with the Office of Academic Affairs to oversee the mentorship, professional development, and planning and implementation of dual credit offerings with high school partners. In addition, they help resolve questions and issues surrounding quality and support associated with offering college credit courses in high schools. The faculty fellows will work with the new Academic Council committee which has been created to address curriculum, instruction, and professional development associated with high school partnerships and college credit.

Norm Clevenger, Associate Professor, Digital Photography

Traci Haynes, Professor, Psychology

Bree Frick, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Dual Credit Faculty Committee

The new committee of Academic Council is charged with reviewing and developing policy and procedure surrounding Dual Credit processes, guidelines, and training for faculty. This faculty committee will create new policy and procedure for Dual Credit at the college, work with the Office of Dual Credit and the Faculty Fellows to establish training for faculty, faculty mentors, and high school faculty, and support the creation of a Dual Credit Handbook.

Tywan Banks, Multi-competency Health

Kent Fisher, Biological & Physical Sciences

Jonathan Kreger, Social Sciences

Scott Laslo (Co-Chair), Automotive and Skilled Trades

Andrea Pifher, Respiratory Care

Rachael Romain (Co-Chair), Biological & Physical Sciences

Rebecca Safa, English

Nancy Ziminski, Developmental Education

Ex-Officio members include Kelly Hogan and Faculty Fellows Norm Clevenger, Traci Haynes, and Bree Frick.

Dual Credit Philosophy

Dual Credit Philosophy