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Cisco CCNA Training

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Certification from a respected college.

Cisco Systems is a world leader in computer networking hardware, and the Cisco Certified Network Associate certificate shows you know how to keep those networks running. Columbus State is the place to get this industry-recognized credential.

Students in Columbus State's CCNA program learn using Cisco's approved lesson plans on industry-standard hardware. Our trained faculty help you through every aspect of Cisco's equipment, from the time you turn on your first routing switch until you sit down for your certification exam.

A deeper dive for more in-depth preparation

Instead of using a quick-hit approach to CCNA training, we use a classroom approach, where you'll be able to talk to a trained instructor and practice until you get it right. We don't want you to just cram for a test. We want you to know the material cold when you sit for your exam – and when you go for a job interview. And Columbus State's tuition is the most affordable in the region.