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Careers in IT

Careers in Health

Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene “If you have a goal in mind, nothing’s going to stop you. And Columbus State’s a great place to achieve that.” Learn More

Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management Kyle Skinner learned the Hospitality industry from the host station to the back office, and all the kitchen stations in between. Learn More


HVAC “I know when I’m bringing them cool air when it’s hot outside, they’re going to be happy. If I’m bringing them heat when it’s cold, they’re going to be happy.” Learn More

Pathway to Education

Pathway to EducationColumbus State is a great place to start a bachelor’s degree, then transfer to a four-year school to finish up. Columbus State helped Dana Ogrodowski become a teacher, and now she recommends it to her students. Learn More

Business Management

Business Management Our Business Management program provides a well-rounded education that teaches students to plan and lead effectively, no matter where they work. Learn More

Landscape Design & Management

Landscape The Landscape Design & Management program taught Brad Cottrell attention to detail in “high traffic” areas. “The program fit me perfectly.” Learn More

Sport & Exercise Studies

Sport and Exercise Studies Crystal Carrera develops programs and inspires others to pursue an active lifestyle. “My career really took off once I got my associate degree.” Learn More

Mental Health / Addiction Studies / Development Disabilities

Mental Health"As a hiring manager, if I see that they went to Columbus State, I'm going to interview them. They have a pretty good chance of getting through the door here.” Learn More

Medical Assisting

Medical AssistingMedical Assisting is one of the fastest-growing careers out there. Graduates work in doctors’ offices taking vital signs, drawing blood, and handling administrative duties. Learn More