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Careers in Theatre

Description of the Field

A degree in Theatre provides the special skills needed to work onstage and backstage. Theatre courses offer students a broad vision in the liberal arts and numerous skills that can be valuable in any number of careers. John Munschauer writes in Jobs for English Majors and Other Smart People that a theatre degree provides “trait-oriented work, for which employers seek workers with special traits, such as communications skills, imagination, reasoning ability, and sound judgment”. According to Dramatist Magazine, there are “25 special advantages that the Theatre mayor has.” These include:
        Creative Problem Solving Abilities
        Time-budgeting Skills
        The Ability to Learn Quickly and Correctly
        Adaptability and Flexibility
        The Ability to Work Under Pressure
        A Healthy Self-Image
        Leadership Skills

Sample Careers in Theatre (links to O*Net Online)

General and Operations Managers
Art, Drama, and Music Teachers, Postsecondary
Set and Exhibit Designers
Directors - State, Motion Pictures, Television, and Radio
Program Directors
Talent Directors
Technical Directors / Managers
Audio and Video Equipment Technicians
Sound Engineering Technicians
Motion Picture Projectionists

Theatre at Columbus State

Coursework in Theatre is offered by the Department of Communication. Please visit their site for information about their pre-major programs, course offerings, and faculty.