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Careers in Communication

Description of the Field

" A communication major focuses on much of the same coursework as public relations, advertising, journalism, corporate training, marketing, and business management. It's a generalist path with a wide-ranging curriculum that can be tailored to work in a variety of specific industries....

"The career choices for communications professionals are incredibly diverse--every business, sector and industry needs effective communication to succeed. Over $1 billion is spent annually on employee and membership communications, and even more goes toward external communications....

"A communications specialist can work in human resources, advertising,
publications, research and development, sales and marketing, and training
departments. She or he can do contract work as a freelancer, work for a
consulting or public relations firm, in the Foreign Service, in all three branches of government, in labor unions, non-profit organizations, in the medical services field, and at colleges, universities, technical and vocational schools."

Description taken from WorldWideLearn.com

Sample Careers in Communication (links to O*Net Online)

Advertising and Promotions Managers
Communication Teachers, Postsecondary
Reporters and Correspondents
Public Relations Specialists
Technical Writers
Copy Writers
Proofreaders and Copy Markers
Desktop Publishers

Communication at Columbus State

Coursework in Communication is offered by the Department of Communication. Please visit their site for information about their pre-major programs, course offerings, and faculty.