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November 2011 Summit

The November 2011 Second Regional Summit on College Access and Student Attainment brought together education officials from high school and college to discuss college access, college readiness and degree completion for Central Ohio students.

November 2011 Summit Report 

November 2011 Agenda

Access Summit Program:  8:30 a.m. - 12 noon

What We Accomplished Last Time We Met and What We Have Been Asked to Accomplish Now – President David Harrison, Columbus State

Business of the Day and the Use of Existing Resources – Don Upton, President, Fairfield Index, Inc.

Situation Assessments: Progress Already?

Missions of Work Groups Presented by Group Leads

Small Group Analyses:

  • Small Group Analyses – Presentations to Group Leads
  • Writing the Agenda for Spring 2013 – Upton and Team
  • Summary of Results and Outlining FORUM Notes – Upton and Team
  • True Up Missions
  • Determine/Verify Priority Steps and Proposed Work Plans for Next Five Months
  • Additional Assets and Resources
  • Sharing and Aligning Work Group Progress in the Interim
  • Data Requests/"Need to Knows"

Adjourn – President Harrison