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alert ATTENTION: College closed Wednesday-Sunday for Thanksgiving.

Steering Committee

Aletha Shipley, Director, Business & Administrative Services

Barbara Smith-Allen, Coordinator, President's Office

Carmen Daniels, Chair, Career & Tech Programs

Charles Dawson, Supervisor, Enrollment Services

Crystal Clark, Professor, English

Darla Van Horn, Office Associate, Student Life

David Metz, Director, Enrollment Services

David Tom, Professor, Psychology

Elissa Schneider, Coordinator, Development Foundation

Jack Cooley, Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs

Jack Popovich, Assistant Professor, Financial Management

James Beidler, Director, Information Technology

Jeff Bates, Professor, Environmental Science, Safety and Health

Jennifer Anderson, Administrator, President's Office

Joel Nelson, Web Developer, Instructional Services

Karen Muir, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs

Kathy Eichenberger, Sr. Office Assoc., Career & Technical Programs

Keith Coates, Advisor, Student Services

Kelly Hogan, Professor, Developmental Education

Kimberly Brazwell, Coordinator, Diversity and Travel Abroad

Kim Hall, President's Chief of Staff

Lenee Pezzano, Representative, Community Education & Workforce Dev.

Lisa Cerrato, Professor,
Health Information Mgmt. Technology

Lori McKenzie, Assistant Director, Human Resources

Michael Hailu, Chair, Physical Sciences

Nancy Case, Dean, Community Education & Workforce Dev.

Pat Fabrisi, Assistant Director, President's Office

Renee Hampton, Dean, Student Life

Robyn Lyons-Robinson, Professor, English

Sandy Kellam, Representative, Human Resources

Sue Donohue, Associate Professor, Respiratory Care

Susan Norris-Berry, Administrator, Academic Affairs

Tim Davis, Associate Professor, Humanities

Tom Habegger, Professor, Sport & Exercise Studies