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Phase 1: Mission, Vision & Values

Timeline Nancy Case

October 2011

Board retreat; kickoff Strategic Planning process

Fall In-Service; obtained preliminary input.

January-February 2012

Develop inclusive process for Phase I: Vision, Mission & Values

March 2012

Initial analysis; project plan development; schedule interviews

Project kickoff (email from Dr. Harrison)

Document review; conduct stakeholder interviews; draft analysis & vision themes

April 2012

* Session 1: Review interview feedback & document analysis; introduce & assess vision themes

May 2012

* Session 2: in‐depth discussion of emerging vision themes

Meet with President's Cabinet to review plan & solicit input and feedback

Meet with College Planning Forum to review plan elements & solicit input and feedback

* Session 3: Review vision; discuss mission themes and values

June 2012

Meet with Ologie to coordinate with Columbus State branding project

July 2012

Meet with Dr. Harrison/project status update

Meet with Board of Trustees to present plan elements and solicit input and feedback

* Session 4: Review narrative including draft vision, mission and values

August 2012

Student focus groups (2) to review plan elements and solicit input and feedback

Alumni focus groups (3) to review plan elements and solicit input and feedback

September 2012

* Session 5: Present student & alumni feedback; finalize revised narrative

Present completed narrative with statements of vision, mission & values to Dr. Harrison


Phase II: Goals

Identify specific, measurable goals based on the Mission, Vision & Values defined in Phase I.