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Vision, Mission & Values

classroomAs part of the Strategic Plan, Columbus State is undergoing a comprehensive plan to update our Vision, Mission and Values.

View current Vision, Mission & Values

At this point, a number of themes have emerged that will inform our Vision, Mission & Values. [Themes (.doc)] We are currently in the process of developing a draft statement for review and circulation across the campus community. 

At the end of this process, we will have:

Vision (The “What,” “When” and “Where”)

  • What will be true for our stakeholders as a result of our work; what we will have accomplished from their perspectives at a defined point in the future
  • The value we will have created

Mission (The “Why”)

  • Our role as an organization; why we exist
  • The institutional purpose aligning us with & directing us toward our vision

Values (The “Who”)

  • The principles & cultural attributes that define us and how we operate

Strategies & Tactics (The “How”)

  • How we will achieve the vision; what specific actions we will take