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Executive Committee

SAC Officers

Acting Chair: Aloysius Kienee
Past Chair: Michael Hicks 
Vice Chair: VACANT
Secretary: Betty Sugar      
Treasurer: Margaret Power
Parliamentarian: Vena Hill


Activities Committee

Chair: Carmelita Boyer              

Vice Chair: Sarah Rainwater

Members: Betty Sugar, Cindy Klimek, Aloysius Kienee, Matthew Brent, Aisha McGrapth

The purpose of this committee is to:

Plan, coordinate, and execute social activities for the College at-large; and organize and coordinate Council approved community fundraisers. The main yearly event is organizing the Cougar Challenge 5K.


Election And Membership Committee

Chair: Michael Hicks           

Vice Chair: Vena Hill

Members: Sherita Golden, Margaret Power, Marcia Holleman

The purpose of this committee is to:

Follow the procedures and time guidelines outlined under Elections by-law; keep a current list and contact information of Council Representatives; maintain a list of candidates for each election along with vote totals (This list will be used to fill vacancies as they arise); conduct the elections of Officers.



Chair: Laura Contrucci           

Vice Chair: Arlene Wilson

Members: Aloysius Kienee, Sherita Golden, Tonya Anderson-Russell, Bettina Batts, Vena Hill, Joan Cook

The purpose of this committee is to:

Create, collect, disseminate, and archive official Staff Advisory Council communications; develop communication processes and procedures; and collaborate with Standing and Ad Hoc Committees to determine and facilitate communication needs.


Employee Enrichment Committee

Chair: Nichole Bowman-Glover           

Vice Chair: Carmelita Boyer

Members: Aisha McGrapth, Laura Contrucci, Arlene Wilson, Sarah Rainwater

The purpose of this committee is to:

Conceive, development, and implement professional enrichment opportunities for staff members. Consult and partner with various College Committees to further elevate the importance of staff enrichment.


Ad Hoc Committee

Current Ad Hoc Committee: Cougar Challenge 5K

Chair: Nichole Bowman-Glover

Members: All SAC members

An ad hoc committee is set up for a specific purpose or situation.