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Hours and Location

Photo of Rhodes hall

The Purchasing Office is located in Rhodes Hall which is on the main campus in downtown Columbus. Rhodes Hall is on Spring Street between Jefferson Ave and Washington Ave.

Rhodes Hall

Office hours

8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday-Friday.

Sales representatives are welcome to visit the Purchasing Office during office hours. An appointment is preferred but not required. To arrange an appointment call (614) 287-2641 or (614) 287-5600.

Please note: The Purchasing function is decentralized with the majority of the vendor selection decisions being made at the department level. Sales solicitation on campus is permitted, however an appointment is recommended. Purchasing can assist with making connections with the appropriate end user. See "how to do business with Columbus State" for a list of contact names and phone numbers by commodity type.

The Purchasing Office fax number is (614) 287-2545.

Mailing address

Columbus State Community College
Attn: Purchasing
550 East Spring Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215