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Cutting edge equipment

new equipment

An Ohio Board of Regents (OBOR) grant of $210,000 has allowed the Mechanical Engineering Department to purchase several high-tech pieces of equipment for its machine shop lab, including a Mazak lathe, a HAAS milling machine, and a FARO 3D measuring arm.

Manufacturing increasingly relies on high-tech equipment, which requires highly trained workers. The new equipment will help the Mechanical Engineering department train workers for in-demand fields.

"This enhancement to our Machine Shop positions us to support our region's advanced manufacturing sector needs well into the future," said Shane Bendele, associate professor in Mechanical Engineering.

Making a variety of sophisticated metal parts can be done with the speed and versatility of modern computerized lathes and milling machines. Lathes are machines that cut raw material that is spinning rapidly in a jaw through the use of tool blocks, drills and boring bars to shape parts. Computerized milling machines actually shave off small sections of the part until the final product is produced. Both machines are programmed using computer numerical controls. Technology from FARO permits high-precision 3D measurement, imaging and comparison of parts and structures within production and quality assurance processes.

Bendele gave credit to his team for successfully pursuing the grant, including Dick Bickerstaff, Cheryl Hay, Sherry Layton, Darrin Albaugh, Jan Ellis, Polly Owen, Mary Vaughn, Martina Cora and Robbie Campbell.

Columbus State’s Mechanical Engineering Department presents an inside look at the manufacturing process, as well as highlights skills with drafting, computers, and troubleshooting. Coursework includes an introduction to manufacturing technology, hydraulics, robotics, materials science, and computer aided drafting and manufacturing.