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Good-paying jobs are waiting

There are 29 million good-paying   jobs that require an associate degree, professional certificate or some college, paying $35,000-$75,000. Columbus State is your key to those great careers.

Georgetown University’s Center on Education in the Workforce identified 29 million "middle jobs," middle-class jobs that require some postsecondary education and training, but not a bachelor’s degree. They represent one out of every five jobs in the American economy, and 4 million pay $75,000 or more.

Many of these jobs require associate degrees, which are two-year degrees that focus on technical skills and prepare you for immediate jobs. Others require a postsecondary certification or an industry certification.

The center identifies those jobs in " Five Ways that Pay Along the Way to the B.A.”"

The center recommended linking high school and community college offerings, as Columbus State does with its High School Articulation programs. It also called for web-based systems to help people see the connection between community college programs and good jobs, such as Columbus State’s Career Coach system.

Top “middle jobs" offered at Columbus State