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Email upgrade

The student email outage scheduled for Friday, May 10, has been postponed.

Columbus State is upgrading from Live@Edu to Office 365. The transition is to begin May 11. The conversion process can take up to 5 days. We will post on the website when the conversion is complete.

Student email will be unavailable during the conversion, although faculty email and Blackboard will be up and running. Make arrangements if you will need to contact a professor for makeup work or other last-minute items.

Columbus State upgraded student email to Live@Edu last year. This is a separate project.

If you bookmarked, It will not work after May 11 and you should update it. Change your bookmark to

emai featureThe new student email account will include: Email, File sharing through SharePoint Online, online MS Office programs for creating and reading documents, instant messaging, and online meetings.

Note: Additional features, such as Lync and SharePoint Online, will not be available until approximately 30 days after the email switch.

Email from Live@Edu accounts will be migrated to Office 365. SkyDrive accounts however will become a separate account with the password managed by Microsoft. Initially, the password for the SkyDrive account will be whatever it is on May 11. After the upgrade is complete, the password to the SkyDrive account may be changed using Microsoft's interface and tools located at

Columbus State will not be able to assist with password changes to the SkyDrive account after the upgrade. Any items saved to the SkyDrive will remain in the SkyDrive.

There will be a new look to the initial login page when student email is accessed. Here's what it will look like:

new email login screen