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About those billboards …

Braydi McPherson Hathaway

In order to spotlight real students working toward a wide array of careers, Columbus State Community College has put them front and center in a new marketing campaign "Careers Start Here." The effort features 125 students on billboards around Columbus.

See all of the billboards

"By featuring a large cross section of our students, we're demonstrating the rich diversity of students who come to Columbus State and careers that can start at this college," says Will Kopp, Vice President of Marking and Communication."

The individual panels include each student's career goal that they are pursuing at Columbus State. "A Columbus State education is all about getting you to your next destination and preparing you to succeed there," Kopp says.

The billboards show careers the college offers directly in two-year programs, such as Nursing and Graphic Design, as well as careers that require a four-year degree (or more), such as teaching or law. Columbus State's bachelor's degree transfer programs allow students to fulfill the first two years of a bachelor's degree, then transfer to a four-year college to finish.

Digital technology allows the college to easily embrace this unique strategy. Digital files of the photographs of the 125 students – which were each taken on campus - were sent to Clear Channel Communications and Lamar Advertising. The two advertising agencies added the pictures onto their constantly-changing billboard displays at select locations.

Student Michael Palmore thought it was a great idea. "I was on campus when they were taking pictures and thought this was a good way I could help promote the college," he says. Palmore is a business major in the Preferred Pathway® program with The Ohio State University. He plans to transfer to Ohio State's Fisher College of Business.

The "Careers Start Here" billboards featuring all 125 students went live this week and will run throughout the month of June. They are at 15 locations in and around the Columbus metro area including: 1288 Lane Avenue, 6111 East Main Street and 1093 Dublin Road