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alert ATTENTION: College closed Wednesday-Sunday for Thanksgiving.

“Triumphs of Women in the Military”

Maj. Gen. Deborah Ashenhurst will discuss "The Challenges and Triumphs of Women in the United States Military" at noon on Friday, March 29, at the Columbus State Conference Center (WD).

Maj. Gen. Deborah Ashenhurst Women's History Month celebrates the commitment and invaluable contributions by women to our society throughout history. Columbus State is planning a full slate of Women's History Month activities throughout March.

Appointed by Gov. John Kasich in January 2011, Ashenhurst serves as the 81st adjutant general for the Ohio National Guard and holds the distinct honor of being the guard's first female adjutant general. As a member of the governor's cabinet, she commands the Ohio National Guard, consisting of the Ohio Army National Guard, Ohio Air National Guard, Ohio Military Reserve and the Ohio Naval Militia.

The Conference Center (WD) is located at 315 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43215. Come join the office of Veteran's Services for this event that is free and open to the public.