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50 Acts of Kindness

In honor of Columbus State's 50th anniversary, Student Engagement and Leadership (SEaL) is coordinating "50 Acts of Kindness," a special drive to recognize and celebrate our 50 years by helping others.

SEaL has suggested 50 types of acts that show kindness such as: leaving a nice tip for your waiter at a restaurant, holding the door open for someone, smiling and saying hello to a stranger, or putting a dime in an expired meter on the street. Small gestures such as these can make someone's day, as well as your own!

No. 8 on SEaL's list is to bring non-perishable food items to the Columbus State Birthday Party on Sept. 30. SEAL will be collecting these items to donate to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and to create an emergency food pantry on campus for those in need. Even if you didn't pick up a special donation bag at Welcome Day Aug. 28, you can still donate to this worthy cause and complete your Act of Kindness. Just bring a few items such as canned goods, granola bars, microwaveable meals, or instant oatmeal to the SEaL table at the Birthday Party.

Need more ideas for Acts of Kindness? Stop by the SEaL office in Nestor Hall Room 116 to pick up a postcard with 50 suggestions!

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50 Acts of Kindness