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Register to Vote

register to voteWith the election coming up on Nov. 6, Columbus State encourages all of its students to get out and vote.

But first, you gotta make sure you're registered. Ohio residents have until Tuesday, Oct. 9, to register to vote.

Student Engagement and Leadership has voter registration forms in its office at Nestor Hall 116, and there are usually voter registration forms in the lobby of Nestor Hall. You can download a voter registration form from the Secretary of State Jon Husted's office here: Ohio voter registration form.

Husted's website also maintains a page of Ohio voter registration information, a list of Ohio voter identification documents and a tool to help find your Ohio polling place.

Voter registration forms will also be available at most campus events and a number of political groups will also be on campus registering people to vote, and the Obama campaign established a voter registration website at

To get involved in community service at Columbus State, please visit Civic Engagement.