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Reynoldsburg sneak peek

Final touches are being put on Columbus State's upcoming Reynoldsburg Regional Learning Center, located inside Reynoldsburg High School. The unique partnership benefits both institutions and the community.



Stakeholders in the project were given a tour of the facility November 29. Those attending included President Harrison, Ohio Chancellor Jim Petro; Michael Sawyers, Ohio Department of Education Acting Superintendent; and Steve Dackin, Reynoldsburg Superintendent.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich and the Ohio Board of Regents have been encouraging educators to think outside the box to share resources and improve student success. This partnership -- the first of its kind in central Ohio -- meets that challenge.

Reynoldsburg is providing the space and Columbus State will provide faculty and staff. For the renovation project, Reynoldsburg picked up $1.6 million for most of the construction while Columbus State provided about $1 million for furnishings.

In the end, the project saves taxpayer money since Columbus State will operate rent-free. The new Reynoldsburg Learning Center allows the college to end a lease at its nearby center in Groveport saving more than $150,000 annually in rent and utilities.

"This is the model for the 21st-century doorway to higher education and the pathway for a better-educated workforce in Central Ohio," said Dr. Harrison.

"It is a classic 'win-win' situation for students, the schools and the community," said Steve Dackin, Reynoldsburg superintendent. "Together, we create more opportunities for students at lower costs for everyone."

The Reynoldsburg Regional Learning Center has six "smart" classrooms, four computer labs, a chemistry lab, a patient care classroom, a library and offices.

Classes will begin January 14. This spring, the Reynoldsburg BELL Early College Academy students will begin taking their first college courses in the center. Next autumn, dual enrollment high school students in Reynoldsburg will take classes at the center.

A formal open house for the community is planned for January.

Reynoldsburg Regional Learning Center