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Get the most from tutoring

TutoringDo you know how to benefit from tutoring? When you walk into one of the Columbus State's tutoring centers, you can make the most of your time by following these four steps:

1) Bring your textbook and syllabus, even though you may not use them every day in class.

2) If the instructor gave a specific assignment, bring the assignment with you. These vary by teacher and the tutor you get may not be the one you have in class. Do you need a calculator? Bring that, too.

3) Know specifically what you have a problem with. For example since many people struggle with them, don't just say "I need help with fractions." Say, "I need to understand how to find the lowest common denominator" or "how to clear fractions from an equation."

Or when you need to do a writing assignment, do your best work and then come in with that ready to review with the tutor. Tutors will help you learn to edit your work, but they can't write that essay for you. Tutors will help you brainstorm ideas though.

4) Leave enough time to get to your class, plan ahead and don't wait until the last minute.

Tutoring is offered in lots of subjects at no extra cost. Tutoring website

And two bonus tips:

  • Did you know that mathematics and writing help is available online? Check out Math Tutoring and the Online Writing Center
  •  Need to make an appointment for the Writing Center or Open Anatomy Labs? Go to and search for appointments. Pick the time best for you and you're set.

This message brought to you from the Program Coordinator for Tutoring under the Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant. For additional ideas, contact Dr. Reedy via