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Timeline and Phases of Work

Project Area

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The master planning process is divided into the following four phases:

Phase I –Data Gathering (August – November 2011):  The process begins by developing a detailed and thorough understanding of the College. This phase involves gathering data about our physical use of facilities, classrooms, and other spaces, demographic data and future trends, parking, energy use, and conducting campus and community interviews, focus groups, and open houses to collect feedback from stakeholders.   (completed)

Phase II – Assessing Campus Needs (November – April 2012):  This phase will include analyzing all data gathered to assess space and facility needs for the entire College. Near and long-term needs, that support the College mission and reflect the aspirations of the College community, will be determined. Focus groups and open houses will be held during this phase also, to share the results of Phase I and to collect feedback for further development.  (completed)

Phase III – Master Plan Options Development (April – December 2012):  In this Phase master planning concepts and a range of development scenarios will be developed.   (completed)

Phase IV – Final Master Plan (January -- September 2013): The Master Plan will be developed and presented to the College community through focus groups and other meetings.  (completed)

 As of September 2013, the final Master Plan is currently in production.