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Steering Committee

Master Planning Committee
Pictured above: Members of the Master Planning Steering Committee*, NBBJ team members, and campus colleagues assisting in extensive data-gathering: Front Row: Susan Norris-Berry*, Sally Cooper*, Crystal Clark*, Micheal Hailu*, Megha Sinha (NBBJ), Sherita Golden*, Tina Davis. Second Row: Kim Way (NBBJ), Jack Cooley*, Bob Stein*, Dick Ansley*, Robert McFarland*, Pat Fabrisi*, Jack Popovich*, Chris Keck*, Eric McMillon, Terri Gehr*, Paul Goggin, Lisa Macklin (NBBJ), John Nestor

The Steering Committee’s role is to assist with significant data gathering, engage CSCC stakeholders including students, staff and faculty, and provide feedback on the issues that emerge over the course of the project.

Much of the work will be accomplished by two subcommittees of the Steering Committee – Data Gathering and Campus Engagement.


Co-Chairs, Terri Gehr, Senior Vice President, Business and Administrative Services; Jack Cooley, Senior V.P. of Academic Affairs; and Jan Rogers, Vice President of Student Affairs

Bob Stein, Communication Skills

Christopher Keck, Disability Services

Crystal Clark, English

Jack Popovich, Business Programs

Chris Emswiler, IT

Michael Hailu, Physical Sciences

Patricia Fabrisi, Delaware Campus

Mark French, Facilities Services

Polly Owen, Career & Technical Programs

Richard Ansley, Construction Sciences

Robert McFarland, Student

Susan Norris Berry, Off-Campus Programs

Sally Cooper, Project Manager

Sherita Golden, Administrative Assistant