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Scope of Work


Sponsored by President Harrison, the CSCC Master Planning Project was designed to focus long-term planning efforts on defining the physical and operational improvements necessary to meet the needs of Columbus State students, faculty, staff and the community.

The Master Plan:

1. Updates demographics using 2010 census data.

2. Considers the most advantageous growth opportunities and characteristics of the Columbus Campus.

3. Explores the relationship between the Delaware Campus, the Columbus Campus, and other CSSC sites. In particular, explores the future role of the Westerville and Dublin sites vis-à-vis the Delaware Campus.

4. Analyzes the College’s current use of its facilities, classrooms, laboratories, and office resources, and proposes options for enhancing effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability.

5. Recommends a strategic approach to the use of existing and potential parking resources for the Downtown Campus and identifies pedestrian-friendly access routes and additional green space.

6. Provides a plan for future land/facility acquisitions linked to projected needs.

7. Strengthens the linkages between future facility development and institutional goals and priorities.

The final Master Plan includes:

  • A composite College Master Plan, integrating all of the major planning issues and providing design direction for the future development of the College; and
  • Land Use Plan, indicating potential building sites and anticipated use.