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Submitting your news to Update

Submitting news to Update, the Columbus State employee newsletter:

The editors of Update accept news items from the campus community that are of interest to employees of the college. Examples include such items as recognitions or awards; introductions of new employees; presentations made or works published; announcements of special events, lectures, concerts, plays, workshops, or seminars; new college programs; or any news of general interest to the Columbus State community. 

When submitting news items to Update, please make sure to include the basic information for a story, such as “who, what, when, where,” as well as “why” the news is important to employees (does it impact their work, will it affect their students, is it a college-wide initiative, or is it simply an interesting thing to know?)   Also include your contact information for more information if needed.

We welcome your submission of any photos, graphics or attachments that enhance your news! (If you submit a photograph of people, please submit the names of all those who are identifiable in the picture.)  If photography is needed to complement the story, we can arrange for a photographer to contact you.

NOTE: If your news is of particular interest to both employees AND students, please indicate that you would like it to appear in the weekly student newsletter, Campus Life, which is distributed to all currently enrolled students via email.   

Update is published twice a week during the semester on Mondays and Thursdays.  During breaks, Update will be published only once on Monday. When holidays fall on a Monday, Update will usually be published the next day on Tuesday.

The deadline to submit articles for publication is Fridays at noon for the Monday issue; and Wednesdays at noon for the Thursday issue.  These deadlines allow time for editorial review, proofreading and web design of each issue.

Please submit your employee news and story ideas to: