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Fall Semester advertising campaign

Fall Semester advertising campaign

Columbus State goes "Tradigital"

With digital media becoming more popular with young adults ages 17 to 35, a new form of advertising has become more effective. The mix of traditional OSU Billboardadvertising (television, radio, print and billboards) and digital advertising (web ads, Pandora radio, YouTube, Hulu) is called "Tradigital" advertising.

Columbus State's focus for recruiting fall enrollment is on graduating high school seniors and recently graduated 17 to 20-year-olds, as well as young adults ages 21-35. The fall enrollment campaign will run July 7 through 31.

Adult Student Recruitment

For the older group, ages 21-35, there are four radio commercials that feature business, healthcare, information technology and online learning. These will air on WNCI, WCOL, WCKX, WRKZ, WWMX and Pandora radio. The older audience will also view three video ads on YouTube and Hulu, which feature the business, health care and IT messages.

Video Ads

This playlist contains 30-second ads for Business, IT and Health.

Radio Ads

This playlist contains 15- and 30-second ads for Business, IT, Health and Online programs.

Listen to Radio Ads

Digital Ads

business ad

IT ad

healthcare ad

Online ad

Landing Pages

High School Recruitment

Graduating high school students will hear messages on WNCI, WCOL, WCKX and Pandora radio. Video ads will run on YouTube and Hulu. Graduating seniors will primarily get messages about Transfer programs.


Direct Mail

For even more reach, a direct mail campaign includes postcards sent to students who have applied to Columbus State within the past two years, but not yet registered for classes.


Click for pdf versions

health postcard

graduate postcard

IT postcard


Two billboards have also been placed to promote the Delaware Campus (on U.S. 23) and to target Ohio State students (on the OSU campus).

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delaware billboard

OSU Billboard