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Health Plans

Full Overview (via HR Connection)

Education Benefits

Fee waiver for Columbus State classes

The college will waive 100% of the appropriate instructional fees for all full-time employees who take degree-credit classes. Part-time employees will receive a waiver at a percentage paid in proportion to the degree of their full-time employment. Adjunct employees’ instructional fees will be waived on a prorated basis based on the number of contact hours taught in the previous quarter. Dependents of full-time employees are eligible for 75% waiver. Read more.

Tuition Reimbursement

After one year of employment, full time employees may be reimbursed for courses at accredited institutions each fiscal year to a maximum of $6,000 for undergraduate degree and $8,000 for a graduate degree courses. Supervisor’s approval required. Contact Carmelita Boyer at x2407 to learn more and obtain the reimbursement form.

Summary of education benefits.(PDF)


Which retirement plan should I choose?

Full-time employees have the choice of a state pension plan (SERS or STRS) or the Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) that you manage like a 401k plan. You have 120 days from your date of hire to select the ARP. Part-time employees are enrolled in SERS. Adjuncts are enrolled in STRS.

How can I contact State Teachers Retirement System or School Employees Retirement System?

The STRS Ohio Member Services Center provides a quick access to a service representative. Call STRS Ohio toll-free at 1-888-227-7877. For benefit information, you can log into their website at

 The School Employees Retirement System can be contacted toll-free at 1-866-280-7377. For benefit information, you can log into their website at


What are the eligibility requirements for participating in the VCSI program?


  • Full-time, non-temporary employees
  • SERS/STRS eligibility requirements are:


  1. 5 years of service credit at age 60; or
  2. 25 years of service credit at age 55; or
  3. 30 years of service credit at any age


  • Eligibility period is from July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014



Forms, Guides and Resources

Benefit Informational Supplement (pdf)

Key Contacts

Wellness Initiatives
Health Rewards

Nichole Bowman-Glover
Program Coordinator
Worker's Compensation
Treschelle Kendrick
Program Coordinator
Retirement: STRS, SERS, 457, 403b
FSA Contributions
Alternative Retirement Plan
Twila Wiley
Program Coordinator
Benefit enrollment/eligibility Missy Graham
Systems Specialist
HSA Contributions and Tax Questions Jason Love
Systems Specialist