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Mid Year Discussion

The "PERFORMs" process for reviews and performance management has transitioned to the myPLAN process beginning July 1, 2015. See the myPlan web page for details.


The Mid-Year Progress Discussion (MYD), is a meeting between a supervisor and an employee that takes place between December and January at the mid-point of the performance year. Its purpose is for both the supervisor and the employee to review the Planning Guide and ensure that every employee is on track to be successful in meeting performance goals and expectations by the end of the performance year. Progress toward accomplishments and challenges should be documented for each key responsibility, competency and goal. Based on these discussions, changes or revisions can be made to goals and standards if conditions or priorities have changed.   

Additional benefits include:

  • Comparing perceptions about performance and resolving any differences
  • Clarifying standards of performance and expectations
  • Identifying areas where problems or challenges exist or are emerging, and providing an opportunity to correct them before the end of the review period
  • Recognizing accomplishments and reviewing documentation
  • Providing specific feedback on performance outcomes and behaviors
  • Ensuring goals will be accomplished
  • Identifying areas where professional development might be needed

While only one performance progress discussion is required to be documented during the performance year, the key to the success in any working relationship is effective two-way communication and feedback. It is expected that beyond the Mid-Year Progress Discussion there are many other formal and less formal conversations occurring throughout the year. This is what constitutes the coaching process.  

It is important for both the employee and supervisor to document examples of how an employee meets and does not meet expectations for the various components of the Planning Guide and any successes or barriers. This information will be useful when it is time to complete the annual review.

Changes to the Planning Guide can be made at the Mid-Year Discussion by the supervisor. Once the Mid-Year Discussion is completed in COOL it needs to be marked complete so the information will then populate the Annual Performance Review.