Participants must commit to a 9-month program that requires the completion of 3–4 assigned readings from books focusing on leadership development, a three day Autumn retreat, and one-day Winter and Spring retreats.  In addition, participants will work in teams to complete a College project that will allow them to apply what they’ve learned in a practical and meaningful way.

Topics include:

    * Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders
    * Mauritius:  Celebrating Differences
    * Appreciative Inquiry
    * Creative Problem Solving
    * Project Management
    * Perseverance

Recent LI Projects

Housing Research Project

Barbara Allen, Mary Ashley, Jonathan Baker, Teresa Frazier, Mike Little, Deborah Robinson
Charter question: How can Columbus State Community College help meet student housing needs?

Consistency of Student Support Services

Michael Hailu, Cindy Klimek, Don Laubenthal, Babette Money, Sharmaine Pechac, and Jonathan Wray
Charter question: Are students being supported consistently based on how they access Columbus State?

Communication in Community Colleges

Dean Bortz, Analeah Charles, Angel Gondek, Cassandra Hape, and Jonathan McCombs
Charter question: What are the best ways for students to communicate? Examine how students communicate with each other.

Using Smart Phones to Improve Student Success

Maurice Anderson, Julie Collins, Martina Cora, Jon Kreger, Kim Leggett, and David Metz
Charter question: What are the possibilities of improving student success through new smart phone technology. Is it feasible?