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Leadership Institute 2011-12

Student Engagement Through Athletics and Campus Recreation

55 On Spring Team

Team: "55 On Spring" (Jan Rogers [sponsor] Mikhail Shmukler, Judith Cockrell, Amanda Jennings, Darrylene Mason, Todd Taylor and Patricia Fabrisi )

"Our team evaluated the ability to offer athletic and recreational activities for Columbus and Delaware campuses and developed strategies to increase the level of fan support for our five Intercollegiate (NJCAA) Division II athletic teams.In addition, 55 on Spring recommends addressing the academic and social challenges that students face by identifying an academic advising support structure for student athletes, adding new marketing strategies, enhancing existing promotional efforts, and offering existing recreational opportunities."

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Improving Online Student Success and Attainment with Embedded Librarians

The Transformers group

Team: "The Transformers" (Angelo Frole [sponsor], Mark Jackson, Dana Knott, Darrin Albaugh, Alexis Sherman, Cathy Ritterbusch, Hari Ruiz and LaVada Washington.)

We were charged with researching parity in student services as provided to online students, and examined existing initiatives at the College. We conducted a literature review, surveyed online students and faculty, and analyzed the costs and benefits. As a result, we recommend Embedding Librarians in specific courses which have research components.  English 102 and Business Management 101 are two such examples, however, the benefits extend to students across multiple disciplines throughout the College.   Integrating library services directly into the class will directly and positively impact student success in those classes, and beyond.  

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Office Supply Project

Team Chocolate Factory

Team: "LI Chocolate Factory" (Angelo Frole [sponsor], Christina Stillion, Murray Holmes, Michael Johnson Kimberly Brazwell, Lydia Gilmore and Pat Campbell.)

[We] "undertook the task of examining the College’s current supply order process to increase the efficiency of the existing procedures. This project will ...allow the College to implement a strategy that will reduce the onerous administrative task of approving and purchasing office supplies while maintaining stewardship and being accountable to the public we serve. It will enable the College to establish a streamlined process that will provide confidence in its controls and ensure that the College maintains a fiduciary responsibility to its stakeholders."

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Reconnecting Experience and Service across Generations (Alumni Engagement)

Team Mauritius

Team: Team Mauritius (Jan Rogers [sponsor], Teddi Lewis-Hotopp, Doug Gray, Angie Schreiber, Patty Gabrenya, Jon Moorehead and Sandy Kellam)

"By becoming familiar with best practices in alumni engagement at the community college level, and understanding the characteristics of alumni who become engaged, CSCC can target its currently limited resources for alumni engagement, maximize the impact of those resources, and build a sustainable infrastructure to achieve the goal of growing alumni engagement and support. Through the Alumni Engagement Project, “Remember Where it Started,” CSCC will establish the infrastructure to advance alumni involvement through activities that may include, but not be limited to, financial contribution, voluntary service, participation in major campus events such as the 50th Anniversary Celebration, and other key activities. The purpose of the Alumni Engagement Project is to strengthen alumni activity at the college to benefit current students, alumni, the college, and the Columbus community."

Read Full Report (PDF)