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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership development is a journey. It is at the core of organizational success. 

Columbus State Community College’s approach to leadership development offers a variety of pathways that develop leadership talent throughout the organization with the goals of:

  • preparing leaders to take on higher levels of responsibility through self-assessment, 360 degree feedback, identification of development needs, and coaching;
  • providing opportunities for individuals to obtain a better understanding of the College through experiential learning; and
  • creating a network of collaborative leaders who understand and focus on achieving results that impact student attainment and success at Columbus State Community College.

We are in need of a diverse cadre of leaders who understand the connection between leadership, culture, sustainability, and results. Our approach focuses on the concepts of principle-centered and strengths-based leadership while supporting the philosophy that leadership occurs at all levels of the organization.

Additionally, it introduces six leadership competencies as defined by the American Association of Community Colleges which include communication, professionalism, collaboration, resource management, community college advocacy, and organization strategy. 

The Leadership Institute

The Leadership Institute will resume during 2013-14 year.

The Leadership Institute is a leadership development program with an emphasis on building 21st century leadership skills needed to succeed in ever-changing world.The primary goal of the Leadership Institute is to build internal bench-strength and talent throughout the College based on the belief that leadership occurs at all levels.Topics include the Leadership Challenge, Communication, Celebrating Diversity, Problem-solving, Appreciative Inquiry, Team Building, Project Management, and Perseverance. 

To graduate from the Leadership Institute, participants must commit to an 8-month program beginning in October and concluding in May. Additionally, participants are required to complete 3 - 4 assigned readings from books focusing on leadership development, a three day overnight Autumn retreat, and one-day Winter and Spring sessions. Finally, participants will have a chance to apply newly acquired leadership skills by working in project teams on College-related projects that will be presented at the Spring session. 

"The Leadership Institute is an experience that every Columbus State employee should have. As you move through the program, you're not only developing new leadership abilities, you're also deepening your understanding of and commitment to the college, making you a more valuable employee on many different levels."

Mary Ernsberger
Project Coordinator, Institutional Advancement

 “I was able to enhance my leadership skills and abilities by shamelessly borrowing those of my turn out be the perfect mix. “

Jonathon Wray
Advisor, Learning Systems

 “LI can help you understand your leadership style, and help you discover that each of us at CSCC needs to lead.”

Dean Bortz
Associate Professor
Construction Sciences and Engineering Technology

“Faculty and chairs might find this as a place to develop skills associated with committee work and project leadership. Even the Emotional Intelligence and Communication sessions connect with academic efforts to engage our students with the curriculum.”

Jonathan Baker
Arts & Sciences, Mathematics

"The Leadership Institute was one of the most positive experiences I have had in my 16 years at Columbus State."

Don Laubenthal
Sports and Exercise Studies