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Policy Council

Nominations Due for 2016 Policy Council

The nominating period for the 2016 Academic and Policy Councils were recently announced by Shared Governance Coordinator Cathy Hatfield. Elections are set for May 3 - 4. 

Membership on the Academic Councils is restricted to faculty while Policy Council membership is open. Individuals who are nominated have the option of accepting or declining the nomination. To be placed on the ballot, the nominee must complete the acceptance/decline form, which will be distributed upon receipt of your nomination. The Policy Council’s membership is comprised of Faculty (FT & PT), Staff (FT & PT) and Administrators.

Sample ballots and election details will be made available to the campus, prior to the election - conducted electronically - on May 3-4, 2016.
If you need additional information or have any questions, contact Cathy Hatfield at Ext. 3903. 

Click here for a Policy Council Nomination Form.  

Note: the Academic Council election will be administered by Judith Anderson, Academic Council faculty fellow. See the Academic Council page for all the details about those elections.

 2014 Committee officers:

  • Fiscal Resources & Facilities
    Chair Dan Zeiler (F), Vice-Chair Jeff Akers (S), Minute Recorder Laurie Johns (A), Ex-Officio Aletha Shipley.
  • Human Resources Support
    Chair K. Sandy Drakatos (F), Vice-chair Chris Bunner (S), Minute Recorder Deborah Bertsch (F), Ex-Officio Deborah Heater.
  • Student Support
    Chair (open), Minute Recorder Rachel Brooks-Pannel (F), Ex-Officios Renee Hampton, Marty Maliwesky and Desiree Polk-Bland.
  • Technology
    Chair Mary Reiter (F), Vice-chair Matt Heywood (S), Minute Recorder Tom Lyons (S), Ex-Officio Jim Beidler, Rob Clifford.

2014 Meetings

Meetings are set for CT 107 at 1pm.

Friday, June 20
Friday, July 18 
Friday, August 1


May 2
June 20

June 3, 2013
April 4, 2013
March 1, 2013
December 7, 2012                                   


May 2

November 1
June 7
April 26
March 3

Documents & Recommendations

  • Shared Governance Model Summary 2013 
  • Appendix A - Organization Summary 2013 
  • Appendix B - Process Summary 2013 

  • Policy 5-03 and related Procedure 5-03(A) and (B)  (draft)
  • Policy 9-10 Investment (draft)
  • Policy 3-46 Drug Free Workplace (draft - July 2013   r  7.17.13)
  • Policy 7-14 and related Procedures 7-1(E)  (drafts)  
  • Procedure 9-03 (H) (draft)         
  • Policy 5-08  (draft  6.25.13)  
  • Procedure 5-08 (D)    (draft  6.25.13)   
  • Recommendation #1 - Policy 13-01 and Procedure 13-01 (A)
  • Recommendation #2 - Procedure 5.13 (A)  (draft)