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Policy Council

Policy Council Welcomes New Members

Nineteen new staff members were recently elected to the Shared Governance Policy Council. The Policy Council’s membership is comprised of full and part-time faculty, staff and administrators.  Election results for the 2016 Academic Council will be announced shortly.

  • Jill Anderson, Disability Services
  • Frank Barnhart, Communication
  • Rita Bedritis, Business/Campus Services-Conference Center
  • Carmelita Boyer, General Counsel
  • Terrance Brooks, Student Conduct
  • Alicia Croft, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Lisa Carpenter, Student Academic Success
  • Tony Goins, Marketing and Communications
  • Richard Hatcher, Employment Services
  • Jessica Jones, Development Foundation
  • Kevin Kasson, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Marcy Leeds, Business & Engineering Programs
  • Janet McDermott, Health & Human Services Advising
  • Jennifer Miller, EMSS – College Credit Plus
  • Bart Prickett, Information Technology
  • Paul Rusinko, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Ruth Sternberg, Grants Office/Academic Affairs
  • David Wells, Business Programs & Engineering Technologies
  • Mary Whitt, Arts and Sciences Advising

2014 Policy Council Committee officers:

  • Fiscal Resources & Facilities
    Chair Dan Zeiler (F), Vice-Chair Jeff Akers (S), Minute Recorder Laurie Johns (A), Ex-Officio Aletha Shipley.
  • Human Resources Support
    Chair K. Sandy Drakatos (F), Vice-chair Chris Bunner (S), Minute Recorder Deborah Bertsch (F), Ex-Officio Deborah Heater.
  • Student Support
    Chair (open), Minute Recorder Rachel Brooks-Pannel (F), Ex-Officios Renee Hampton, Marty Maliwesky and Desiree Polk-Bland.
  • Technology
    Chair Mary Reiter (F), Vice-chair Matt Heywood (S), Minute Recorder Tom Lyons (S), Ex-Officio Jim Beidler, Rob Clifford.

2014 Meetings

Friday, June 20
Friday, July 18 
Friday, August 1


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March 1, 2013
December 7, 2012                                   


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