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Instructional Success

The Instructional Success Committee provides oversight of best practices in all modes of instruction for all categories of faculty. Responsibilities include:

  • Review alignment of course prerequisites with course content and student success.
  • Review structure of syllabus for alignment with student success.
  • Review best instructional practices for student success and high quality in all modes of instruction.
  • Review technology support of instruction in all modes of instruction.
  • Review various aspects of best instructional practices in a dual enrollment environment.
  • Review existing recruitment and placement programs at the course and program level.

Mark Bocija, Co-Chair, Arts & Sciences, HUM   
Sue Donohue, Co-Chair, HHS, RESP
Don Bruce, Arts & Sciences, ENGL
Patricia May-Woods, HHS, ECD
Ron Elizaga, Arts & Sciences, PSYC
Daniel Foor, BET, AUTO
Tracy Koski, Arts & Sciences, DEV ED           
Stephen Logan, Arts & Sciences, ENGL
Margaret Owens, BET, CSET
Mike Wright, Arts & Sciences, ENGL
Edgar Velez, Arts & Sciences, HUM  
Sue Donohue, Career & Tech, AHP

2012 - 13 
Agenda                           Minutes   

•  Committee Charter 
•  College-Wide Structure for DL Courses