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Professional Development

Columbus State offers a variety of professional development opportunities for faculty and staff to improve as educators and supporters of student learning. These include peer-led programs, outside experts, classroom and online self-paced learning. Some of these opportunities are coordinated by departments and others are college-wide and guided by faculty committees such as the Faculty Entry Training and Professional Development Committee and Student Success Committee among others. This section lists upcoming events and archives of past events.

Learning Opportunities:

Diversity and Cultural Competency

Being An Ally   March 4th  11-12        Register
This workshop will explore how one can continue to learn and grow while being an effective ally to others.

Ideas Into Action  April 8th 11-12       Register
This time is reserved for past participants in various diversity workshops to meet for reflection and discussion and to explore ideas for more learning and steps to take to improve our learning and working environment for everyone in our community.

Cooperative Learning

Faculty are developing workshops based on the cooperative learning training facilitated by the SCALE Institute from Patrick Henry Community College (see archives below). Workshops will include: base groups, using informal cooperative learning, and fostering critical thinking. Next up:

“Easy to implement cooperative learning “   February 19th, 12:30-1:30      Register
Informal cooperative learning groups are small, temporary, ad-hoc groups of students that last from a few minutes to one class period. They can be powerfully effective at facilitating student learning and there are dozens of possibilities for structuring group interaction. Successful informal groups result from well-designed activities, roles and accountability among group members. In this workshop you will experience cooperative exercise, discuss strategies for implementation, and receive a set of group activities that you can modify to fit your needs.

Coming Up:

In Service Day, April 21st (Program TBD)

Annual Faculty Learning Exchange (FIX) TBD

Innovations in Teaching & Learning,Franklin University,  June 9-10     Register
Franklin University’s International Institute for Innovative Instruction hosts a conference geared toward encouraging innovative thinking and collaboration in the contemporary landscape of teaching and learning. This year’s conference will provide educators and education-minded innovators from universities and organizations around the world with two days of presentations and conversations geared around thinking big, thinking smart, and thinking new.

Faculty Launch! / Winter Warm-up

Faculty Launch! and Winter Warm-Up are the full-time faculty orientations and a limited number of seats are available for current full-time faculty to participate as a professional development. Morning and early afternoon topics will be relevant to all faculty. Read more about the programs and find related materials. Next event is Faculty Launch in mid August.


SCALE Workshops on Cooperative Learning

View bite-sized recordings from the SCALE workshop that took place in June 2014. Each focuses on a principle of effective design of cooperative learning.

Faculty Idea Exchange (FIX)

The second annual Faculty Idea Exchange was held on June 19th, 2015. Archived recordings  are posted on the FIX page.

"Cheating Lessons"

View recording of James Lang's talk about the link between the conditions of learning and assessment and propensity for students to cheat.

Student Success Summit

At the 2015 Success Summit -- "Showcasing Student Success"-- representatives of the dozens of college student success projects shared the story of their work over the previous year or described new initiatives. Archives coming soon. 

 Book and Journal List

Education scholar Ken Bain, in his book What the Best College Teachers Do, reports that the best “have at least an intuitive understanding of human learning akin to the ideas…emerging from research in the learning sciences.” In recent years, researchers have translated that science into books of principles and methods educators can apply. A collection of these resources is being assembled in our library that will be the basis for future workshops, LibGuides and our own investigations into “what works.”  You can view a guide to current book titles available for check out and journals accessible via the library. Want to add a title or offer a review? Contact Rich James.