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We have developed videos with audible instructions on how to use the Control Panel, Camera, Projector, DVD/VCR and Screen. Click this link to go to individual videos or watch the overview below.


Quick Start Instructions

Instructions on the use of the Extron control panel, the Toshiba DVD/VCR and Elmo document camera are available in every classroom. Additionally, they are available to view and/or print from this web site. Click on the link below to view or print the instructions.

Common Issues and way to fix them

This document provides detailed instructions on correcting issues you may encounter when using the equipment. Click on the link below to view the Common Issues document.

In the event you are unable to resolve an issue or have a question regarding the use of the equipment, please contact IT Support Services at X5050.


This is the Extron panel. It can be found on the wall near the instructor station. The Extron panel is used to control the audio/video system.

  •  Power Buttons
    * These buttons will not function while one is flashing.

    ON This will turn on the projector.
    OFF This will shut off the projector.
  •  Input Selection:
    PC- Selecting this input causes the projector to display the instructor’s computer on the screen.
         * If the PC is not showing on the projector try pressing the Windows Key + P to toggle display modes. Select the option labeled “Duplicate” to clone the PC to the Projector.
    LAPTOP- If your room is equipped with “laptop cables” this will display the laptop’s output.
    DVD/VCR - If your room is equipped with a DVD/VCR combo unit, or other media player, this will display the output of that device on the screen.
    If part of the projection is cut off, switching inputs may fix it.
  •  Volume:    
    This knob adjusts the volume of the room’s speakers.
    If you are not getting sound, check that the computer (or other device) is not muted. In some rooms the speakers will not function if the projector is not turned on.
  •  Other:
    AV MUTE: Will black out the screen and mute the sound without shutting off the projector.
    While AV Mute is active the button will flash. The lamp is still on when muted.
    Please remember to unmute the projector and shut it down before leaving.
    AUTO IMAGE: Automatically adjusts projector resolution to match source.


Instructions For Smart Room Operation   (the information above). 

Common Issues and Easy Ways to Fix Them 

Document Camera Instructions

DVD/VCR Player Operation


 For technical support, please phone the IT Support Services at 287-5050.