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Frequently asked questions are listed below. For more specific questions, please call Media Services at (614) 287-2463.

1.What should I do if I have a problem with the new equipment?

If you experience problems with the equipment, please contact IT Support Services at X5050.

2.Is training available?

Yes training is available..

We have developed videos with audible instructions on how to use the Control Panel, Camera, Projector, DVD/VCR and Screen. Click here to view training videos.



3. Are there any Instructions on how to use the equipment available?

Yes. ‘Quick Start’ Instructions have been placed in all of the classrooms.

If you would like to view the instructions, we have a print friendly version here

4.How do I playback video media (DVD/Tape/Etc.)?

1.First turn on the projector. This can either be done with the remote or with the wall control box if the room is so equipped.

2.Be sure that the playback device you want to use is turned on and ready to go.

3.Check the projector to be sure that it is on the proper input.

4.To see where the input selections are on the remotes, follow this link.

4.How do I get my computer screen to display on the big screen?

1.First start with turning the projector on either using the remote or the wall control box if equipped.

2.Be sure to check and make sure that there is a blue cable connected the computer to an wall input box. Also at this connection be sure to check the internet cable and make sure that it is in the wall input box too.

3.See video below for further instruction

The computer is capable of DVD playback.  Audio volume level for both is controlled at the wallplate

If you would like to view the instructions, we have a print friendly version here .