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  • Front View
  • Positions
  • Inputs
  • Lense


Live Projection and Video Capture

  • Connects to a projector and to a computer (Mac / PC)
  • Enhances projected material with features like split-screen
  • Captures class sessions to be posted online for students/parents
  • Saves files to computer or internally via USB/SD/SDHC memory slots

High-Quality Images and Audio

  • A 300° swivel adjustable arm allows shots from almost any angle
  • A 3.4 megapixel CMOS sensor captures bright and colorful video/photos
  • A built-in mic records sound, and a jack is available for use of an external mic
  • Outputs smooth, full-motion video at 30 fps in up to 1080p HD by HDMI/audio out

A 12x optical and an 8x digital zoom combine to offer distortion-free 96x magnification