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Classes for Office 365 will start November 12, 2013. Blackboard training will be available November 1, 2013. To view the online training or register for a classroom course, go to Blackboard ( and use your Columbus State Username and Password to login.  Office 365 Employee Training will be located under the My Organizations tab at the top of the screen.

The quick menu on the left side of the Blackboard window contains access to the sections of the training course. Clicking on one of the links in the menu will allow you access to the area. Below is a brief description of each area:

  1. Announcements:  Posted messages concerning the training, software system, or upcoming events are available.
  2. Course Information:  Descriptions of the online and classroom training courses
  3. Our Online Classroom:  Access to the online training modules. Modules include a brief description of the module, a training video, and brief test of the material
  4. Our Tradition Classroom:  Calendar of classroom training sessions with links to course registration
  5. Discussion Board:  Area where employees can post questions of interest to all employees and suggestions or comments.
  6. Employee Resources:  Links to additional training videos and informational websites along with tips and tricks that have been submitted to the Office 365 team
  7. Email Instructor:  Link to email questions, concerns, and helpful tips to the Office 365 team

If you have questions or problems navigating the Blackboard Office 365 website, please contact the Office 365 team at