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Programs & Courses

Programs & Courses

CSCC ProgramsThe Delaware Campus offers four full degree programs, as well as a number of individual courses.

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Click here for a list of courses offered at Moeller Hall on the Delaware Campus.

New - Medical Assisting Certificate

The Medical Assisting program prepares graduates to work as medical assistants primarily in ambulatory settings such as medical offices, urgent care centers and clinics. Medical assistants are multi-skilled health professionals who assist in patient care management and perform a broad range of clinical and administrative duties. Medical Assisting Program

Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees:

These degrees are designed to fulfill the first two years of a bachelor's degree at most Ohio colleges. They transfer seamlessly, allowing you to get your college career started at our tuition rates (which are typically 1/3 the cost of a four-year public college). Despite all that, you'll find our courses are every bit as rigorous as what you find at a four-year school.

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Business Management Associate Degrees

This is a career degree, which is designed to help you get a job quickly. It also transfers to a number of four-year colleges. The program teaches you the real-world basics of business, and can be personalized with an Entrepreneurship track or a Public Administration track.

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Computer Information Technology

Another career degree, which gives you an in-demand credential. The Computer Information Technology curriculum provides graduates with a foundation of logic, programming, operating systems, applications, systems analysis, and networking through a core set of courses. Learners may choose to specialize in Network Administrator, Software Developer, User Support, or Web Developer.

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Basic English

We will offer Basic English through Columbus State's Language Institute

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