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OAA Committee

OAA Assessment Committee

The OAA Assessment Committee updates and revises the assessment handbook and discusses the budgetary and strategic planning requests and then presents the needs of the faculty, as identified by these reports, for assessment to the Cabinet. This insures that the concerns and needs to improve student learning can be addressed by the cabinet to help us obtain the resources, planning, and coordination we need to improve student learning at the college.


Co-Chairperson Division Department
Adele Wright Business & Engineering Mechanical Engineering Technology
Kyriakoula Drakatos Arts & Sciences Humanities
Division Assessment Committee Representative Division Department
. Arts & Sciences .
Steve Levin, Co-Chairperson Business & Engineering Automotive Technology
Angela Fry, Co-Chairperson Health & Human Services Mental Health & Addiction Studies/Developmental Disabilities
Member Division Department
Deborah Bertsch Arts & Sciences English
John Nedel Arts & Sciences Mathematics
Judith Dann Arts & Sciences Humanities
Stephen Logan Arts & Sciences English
Philip Maclean Arts & Sciences Mathematics
Lauren Jones Arts & Sciences Developmental Education
Patrick Fiorelli Business & Engineering Accounting
Gene Strickland Business & Engineering Digital Photography
Charles Kassor Business & Engineering Aviation Maintenance Technology
Thomas Shanahan Health & Human Services Paralegal Studies
Faculty Fellow Division Department
Adam Moskowitz Arts & Sciences Social Science
April Magoteaux Business & Engineering, Representative Health & Human Services Nursing

Assessment Faculty Fellows

The Assessment Faculty Fellows are available to provide information, training, and assistance for assessment of student learning. Suggestions for improvement of assessment at the College are much appreciated. April Magoteaux is available at or 287-5158, and Adam Moskowitz is available at or 287-5816.


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