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Arts & Sciences Assessment Committee

The division committee checks the department reports to insure that faculty in departments are closing the loop by addressing outcomes of benchmarks that failed the previous year. Additionally, division committees should compile, discuss and summarize problematic results, and budgetary and strategic planning requests from the departments/programs and forward them to the OAA Assessment committee.

Arts & Sciences Committee Members

Co-Chairperson Department
Judy Dann Humanities
Kyriakoula Drakatos Humanities
Member Department
Deborah Bertsch
OAA Assessment Committee Member
Francis Cobbina Biological and Physical Sciences
Terry Eisele Modern Languages
Brent Funderberk Social Sciences
Frankie Hale Communication
Mort Javadi Biological and Physical Sciences
Lauren Jones Developmental Education
Luis Latoja Modern Languages
Stephen Logan English
Melissa Logue Modern Languages
Philip Maclean Mathematics
Scott Milsap Communication
Adam Moskowitz Social Sciences
Jon Nedel Mathematics
Mark Polifroni Psychology
Dave Tom Psychology