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Committee Structure

Reporting: Each department committee compiles their individual annual plans and reports. When the plans and reports are complete, they upload them to SharePoint for the division committees to review (i.e., the Arts & Sciences Division Assessment Committee or the Health & Human Services / Business & Engineering Technologies Division Assessment Committee). If plans and reports are not approved, they are sent back for revisions. These division committees will upload the approved reports along with a summary of strategic and budgetary requests to SharePoint for the OAA Assessment Committee to review. The OAA Assessment committee will present these requests to the CSCC cabinet.

Evaluation: The Institutional Learning Goal (ILG) subcommittees, made up of faculty from across the college, will download the approved reports from SharePoint to evaluate how the Institutional and General Education learning outcomes are being used across the college. These subcommittees will make recommendations to revise the outcomes which are to be evaluated every four years. In addition, the ILG subcommittees will also develop and recommend college wide assessment measures and evaluate gaps in assessment and curriculum and submit those recommendations to the OAA Assessment committee who communicates them to the appropriate office or committee at the college. The ILG committees will also make recommendations for Program Review processes.


Committee structure