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Committee Structure

Reporting: The department committees compile the annual plans and reports. When the reports are complete, they send them to the division committees who approve the reports and send them on to the OAA Assessment committee along with a summary of strategic and budgetary requests. The OAA committee then insures that the reports are posted to the college's Assessment website and that the strategic and budgetary requests are presented to the cabinet.

Evaluation: The Institutional Learning Outcome (ILO) subcommittees, made up of faculty from across the college, will evaluate the college's learning outcomes along with the general education outcomes. They will recommend changes for these outcomes to the college at the end of a four year period. In addition they will also present best practices and college wide assessment ideas for each of the outcomes to the faculty.



committee flowchart



Committee Membership

Arts & Sciences Division Assessment Committee

Health & human Services / Business & Engineering Technologies Division Assessment Committee

OAA Assessment Committee

Institutional Learning Outcomes Subcommittees