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Quality Team Awards


2015formc 2015 Quality Awards

Nominations are open for the 2015 Quality Awards.The annual event recognizes the best and brightest faculty, staff and team achievements at Columbus State across five categories:
   • Distinguished Teacher
   • Distinguished Full Professor 
   • Full-time Employee of the Year 
   • Part-time Employee of the Year
   • Quality Teams

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2015 Quality Team Application

2015 Quality Team rubric

Distinguished Full Professor

Distinguished Teaching (judging is underway)

2014 - A Banner Year for Quality

President David Harrison said it best, the Quality Awards is one of his favorite events of the year. And it's easy to see why. One after another, teachers, full professors, assorted staff - full and part-time, teams large and small, all gave eloquent testimony as to why the college is the essential place it has become.

From a list that began with 125 nominees, Daniel Hare, Theresa Kegley, Mark Mitchell and Julie Posey were the gracious Distinguished Teaching winners.

"It's our students who inspire us," said Kegley. "Truly, their stories, their hopes for a better future. They're the ones who are distinguished."

"To be honored by one's peers," noted Daniel Hare, "is humbling beyond belief. "

"I also realize that with this award comes one of the toughest tasks in my twenty years here," admitted Mark Mitchell. "And that is to choose only four distinguished faculty members next year. Because I feel our campus is full of distinguished professors, associate professors and faculty members."   
Jon Lundquist and David Busch were named Distinguished Full Professors for their years of innovative and inspiring service.   

IT's Betty Richardson took home the Staff Employee of the Year honors. She was cited for her great work attitude and extra efforts on behalf of SAC's charitable work. The Testing Center's Catherine Giles is the first recipient of the new Part-time Employee of the Year award. Her willingness to work evenings and weekends in the Testing Center was but one reason for her nomination.  

Generation One Trailblazers received Gold for helping first generation students navigate the college experience. Brian Seeger led the Transient Student Team to a Silver Award. The team helped boost "guest student" enrollment by 14%. Denis Marketos, Lee Wayand and Leslie Smith corralled a Silver for creating an interactive online Statistics course to promote retention.

Words of Thanks

In case you missed the Awards event or live video stream here are this year's winners in their own words.  Click on a picture to see their video clip.

Distinguished Teachers

  hare  kegley  mitch  posey

                                  Employees of the Year                        

                                 betty r     giles best

      Distinguished Full Professors

                                 busch     jon l

* Professor Jon Lundquist was unable to attend the event.

                                                    Quality Teams

  transient  gold got  math silv

Video clips for the Silver Award winners, the Transient Student Team and the Statistics Team, are not available due to technical issues.

                                   •    2014 Quality Award Nominees    •                                      

Distinguished Teaching 

This year Columbus State students submitted 146 Distinguished Teaching Award nominations for 125 faculty members.   

This year's panel of judges included Beth Barnett, Dr. Rick Bartlett, Eric Kenz, Fauna Stout, Polly Owen and committee chair Rich James.  The ten finalists follow:
Sharon Barnewall, Professor, Biological and Physical Sciences
•  Daniel Hare, Program Coordinator, Criminal Justice
•  Kevin James, Professor of Mathematics
•  Theresa Kegley, Annually Contracted Faculty, Mathematics
•  Betsy McCall, Annually Contracted Faculty, Mathematics
•  Mark Mitchell, Associate Professor, Automotive Technology
•  Nancy Pine, Instructor, English
•  Julie Posey, Instructor, Biological and Physical Sciences
•  Rachael Romain, Instructor, Biological and Physical Sciences
•  Adele Wright, Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Employee of the Year 
Last year's winner, Susan Thomas, chaired the 2014 committee, which included Summre Jones, Leslie Hoffman and Michael Leland Bateman. This year's slate, all 2013 Employees of the Month, included:

•  Carmelita Boyer, Administrative Assistant, Human Resources 
•  Amy Burrell, Advisor, Enrollment Services
•  Rod Harris, Maintenance Repairperson I, Facilities Management
•  Dana Knott, Librarian, Delaware Campus Learning Center
•  Adrienne Luke, Advocate, Disability Services
•  Ellen Neutzling, Advisor, Delaware Campus
•  Betty Richardson, Asset Management Technician, IT                                         
•  Frank Sugar, Coordinator, Police Department
•  Shelley Toale,  Coordinator, Facilities Mgmt 
•  Darla Van Horn, Deputy Title IX Compliance Officer,Student Life
•  Mark Van Horn, Video Developer, Marketing & Communications
•  Valerie Wilson, Publications Coordinator, Marketing & Communications

Part-time Employee of the Year
The college recognized a Part-Time Employee of the Year for the first time at this year's event. The nominees below were also monthly winners:
•  Tom Crist, Instructional Designer I, Distance Education and Instructional Support
•  Beth Emrich, Representative, Telephone Information Center
•  Catherine Giles, Testing Coordinator, College Testing Services
•  Sue Judd, Advisor, Advising Services
•  Mark Sommer, Academic Assistant, College Athletics and Recreation 
•  Brian Van Horn, Media Technician, Media Services

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