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Circuit Routine

Feet should be shoulder width apart.  Keeping torso straight (not leaning forward); you want to bend the knees, as if you are sitting into a chair.  Making sure to not allow your knees to go beyond your toes and keeping feet flat- when standing back up do not lock knees.




Standing on a step or bench with all of foot supported, you want to rise up onto toes and down dipping heal.  Keep legs straight throughout movement, holding on to a stable object if necessary. Repeat.


Standing with staggered feet, place a band center under the front foot.  With a handle to the band in each hand, raise arms up and out to your side- keeping a slight bend in elbow.  Lower arms back to sides and repeat.



Sitting on the floor with legs straight in front of your body, wrap band around both feet.  Keeping arms and elbows bent at a 90 angle and raised at shoulder height.  Pull arms back squeezing shoulder blades together- keeping back straight throughout movement.  Return to starting point without losing your form.




Starting with knees bent on floor and hands placed directly under your shoulders, raise your feet putting body weight into your arms.  You want to bend at the your elbows moving chest towards floor in one smooth motion bringing arms to a 90 angle and pushing back to your starting position.




Start by lying flat on your back with legs straight up and feet flexed.  Place hands on the floor at your sides to help maintain balance.  You will move legs out to the side (both at the same time) and then bring feet back together.  Feet stay flexed throughout movement.  *You can place one band around both ankles for more resistance.





Standing holding the appropriate dumbbell with both hands (not bar as shown), you will bend only at the elbow to lower dumbbell behind your head.  Dont move arms forward and remember to stay strong through core to keep from arching your back.




Standing holding dumbbells at your sides, hands facing legs.  Bending at the elbow, pull weight up towards your shoulders. Return to starting position.   Do not swing arm, maintain control of the movement.




Lying on the floor with bent knees and flat feet, place your hands either gently behind your head or across your chest.  You will contract your abdominals and lift your shoulders off the floor-crunching chest towards your knees.  *Do not pull on your neck and remember to breathe.