July 26, 2012

On-Time Registration/Late Registration Information

Autumn Semester 2012

On-Time Registration Period
Starts opening day of registration, March 12, 2012
Registration possible online, in person, via TIC
Runs through 15 days prior to start date of semester
Ends August 14, 2012

Late Registration Period
Begins 2 weeks prior to semester start date*
Starts August 15, 2012

Late Registration Fee will appear on student’s account for adds or section changes made after August 14.

Late fee ($100) will be waived for Autumn Semester only.**

Instructor’s signature required to process registration changes after start of semester/class.

Late Registration ends 15th day after semester begins; department deadlines may be earlier.

Closed Registration Period
Runs from 16th day of semester through last day, 9/13/12 – 12/15/12

*For courses beginning after the start of the full term, registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to the term class start date.
** Autumn 2012 is a grace period for the late fee; it will be charged and waived; however, registration deadlines will be enforced.

Rationale for New Registration Policies