Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stop out on your lunch hourThe Gospel Vocal Ensemble will sing on the Statehouse lawn tomorrow
(Friday, Aug. 22) from noon - 1 p.m. as part of the Friday Summer Series.
Several hundred people gather on the lawn each Friday to hear the various
performers and NBC4 will broadcast their noon weather forecast from the
location, so stop out and show your support!

Bates completes first responder trainingJeff Bates, Ph.D., professor in Environmental Science, Safety & Health, recently completed the Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Response Training Officer Course.  This training authorizes him to instruct the Department of Homeland Security's Avian Influenza Responder Course.

It’s not too late to register for Xerox trainingTwo classes will be offered by the Instructional Technologies Institute, starting tomorrow, August 22.  Become the expert in your area on using the Xerox machine. You will be worshipped!

Xerox Copier Basics: 
This session introduces participants to the essential basics of using your Xerox printer. Topics covered during this course will be:

  • Basics of making copies (single/double sided, staple, 3-hole, and etc.)
  • Basics of faxing with your copier
  • How to print to the copier from your desktop
  • Basics of removing paper jams
  • How to carry out light maintenance
    • Replace toner
    • Replace staples

Dates: Friday, August 22, 9-10:30 a.m. - Register
Monday, August 25, 9-10:30 a.m. - Register

Xerox Copier Intermediate: 
This session takes continues where Xerox Copier Basics class left off.  This session further covers some of the more intermediate copier features that will allow you to work more efficiently with your Xerox printer. 
Topics covered during this course will be:

  • Basics of using your Xerox printer to scan documents directly into PDFs
  • How to use the more advanced features related to printing to your Xerox copier from your desktop
    • Secure printing
    • Adding water marks
    • Other interesting features
  • Advanced faxing topics

Dates for the intermediate course will be:
Friday, August 22, 10:30 a.m. - noon - Register
Monday, August 25, 10:30 a.m.- noon - Register

Readers needed!graphic of graduatesDo you have perfect enunciation? A booming, announcer’s voice? Excellent pitch, exquisite timing, and the skill to read from a tiny card without your glasses slipping?

Then you could be our next Commencement Ceremony Graduate Name Reader!

All kidding aside, the Graduation Office is in need of four faculty “readers” for the upcoming Summer Quarter Graduation ceremony on September 12 at Veterans Memorial. 

Four readers are needed to read the names of graduates as they receive diplomas in four sections, divided alphabetically. We try to find readers that are faculty in one of the degree areas that are graduating, for example: in the Accounting through Electronic Engineering section, we look for, say, an instructor of Dental Hygiene.

The readers will be required to arrive at the graduation early to help check in each student, and go over their names and pronunciation as they line up for the processional. 

If you have previously volunteered for this prestigious duty but have not yet been called upon, please remind the Graduation Office of your continuing interest.  We will try to honor the first-come, first-served theory.  Please email

Maliwesky receives award from OCAN

Marty Maliwesky
Marty Maliwesky

Marty Maliwesky, Dean of Enrollment Services, has been awarded the Jeannette Grasselli Brown College Access Volunteer Award, which is sponsored by the Student Loan Funding committee of the Ohio College Access Network (OCAN). 

The award was created in recognition of Jeanette Grasselli Brown, a scientist for 38 years who retired from BP then continued to serve on several college and educational boards helping low income and first generation students succeed in college. 

Maliwesky received the award because of his volunteerism in the I Know I Can program, his involvement in the State Financial Aid Association, and his work in helping first generation and adult students attend and succeed in college at Columbus State.

Maliwesky received his award and a $1,000 professional development stipend from OCAN at a ceremony held August 15. The awards were sponsored by Student Loan Funding and The Knowledge Works Foundation.


Clifton Stommel
Clifton Stommel

Artist featured at DX during August

Photographer/artist Clifton Stommel will have his work on display in the Discovery Exchange Bookstore this month and will visit with guests at a reception to be held Thursday, August 28 from noon – 2 p.m. 

“Nearly all my photos are shot in Columbus, Ohio,” says Stommel. “I believe the world is filled with interesting and visually beautiful things, but people don’t take the time to look around and see them.”


Shared Governance elects officersThe Shared Governance returning and newly elected members participated in the annual Shared Governance Training August 15.   Vice-chairs for the councils and committees were elected during the end of the morning session training.  Those elected representatives who served as vice-chairs last year will serve as chairs this upcoming year.

The chairs and newly elected vice-chairs of the councils and committees are as follows:

Instructional Council
Chairperson:  Robert Stein
Vice-Chair:  Jack Popovich

Assessment Committee
Chairperson:  Patricia Opong
Vice-Chair:  Carla Mayers Bletsch

Curriculum Committee
Chairperson:  Keith Sanders
Vice-Chair:  John Gableman

Student Support Committee
Chairperson:  Jean Liddle
Vice-Chair:  Sunday Zidonis

Instructional Support Council
Chairperson:  Elizabeth Bates
Vice-Chair:  Brad Trimble

Fiscal Resources and Facilities Committee
Chairperson:  Norm Clevenger
Vice-Chair:  Jim Beidler

Human Capacity and Development Committee
Chairperson:  Yvonne Watson
Vice-Chair:  Tracy Lamar-Nickoli

Technology Committee
Chairperson:  Beth McGrath
Vice-Chair:  Christina Stillion

All members will begin their new positions as of September 1.