Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday greeting card

Water off in Delaware and Union Halls on December 19 Due to construction activity in Delaware and Union Halls, the water will be shut off on Friday, December 19. Some important information about this outage includes:
• Columbus State will be open as usual and employees will be expected to come to work.
• Employees may want to bring a bottle of water with them and they will be permitted to take periodic breaks to walk to another building to get water or use the bathroom facilities.
• Though the fire sprinkler devices will not be operable, there is specific protocol that the college must follow by law for short-term outages. The college has followed all of that protocol such as notifying the fire department, and increasing patrol by public safety officers.


Power off in Delaware Hall on December 22 Because of construction in Delaware Hall over break, the electricity will be shut off from approximately 7 a.m. through 3 p.m. in Delaware Hall only on Monday, December 22. The building, including the gymnasium and fitness center, will be closed for the day.


Public Safety's hybrid vehicle


Public Safety hybrid vehicle delivers on MPG

The Department of Public Safety is doing its part in reducing its carbon footprint through the use of its new hybrid vehicle. Public Safety has been testing the hybrid vehicle, a Ford Escape used by the Safety & Security team. Early data indicate that miles per gallon have more than doubled from 7 mpg for the department’s regular SUV, to 19 mpg for the new hybrid Escape. Public Safety will continue to purchase hybrids for future vehicle replacements, and a new emphasis on community-oriented policing now places more emphasis on foot patrols in order to build rapport with the campus community, which should further reduce emissions and the reliance on petroleum products.


Tomorrow last day for Combined Charitable Giving Campaign

Friday, December 19 is the final day to give through Columbus State's Combined Charitable Giving Campaign, which represents America's Charities,
Community Health Charities, Community Shares of Mid Ohio, Earth Share of Ohio, and of course, the United Way of Central Ohio.  For more information contact Barbara Smith-Allen, community outreach coordinator in Institutional Advancement.