Monday, January 14, 2008

The many moods of Dick Gregorymontage of Dick Gregory
Dick Gregory, civil rights activist, author, comedian, and nutritionist—also “the only black man ever to run for President of the U.S.” (he ran as a write-in candidate for the Freedom and Peace Party in 1968)—gave a speech and a fireside chat on Jan. 10 as keynote for Columbus State’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration. The animated and fiery Gregory had his audience alternately laughing and tearful throughout his passionate address. Read a description of his presentation.

Gilmore completes Ph.D.Lydia Gilmore, faculty member in Business Management, recently completed her Ph.D. program. Dr. Gilmore's area of research was adult business students and executive coaching. She earned her degree from Capella University's School of Education, with her course work centering on community college and non-traditional students.               

Getting ready for snowsnow plow on campusThe Physical Plant is ready for snow but still needs your help to make it a safe campus for everyone. Here are some tips to help keep you safe this winter:

When the Ice Melt (a product used on sidewalks and stairs) and water mix, it can create a very slippery floor surface inside the doors of the buildings. Please take care when walking on any wet floors in the buildings. Use the walk-off mats when available. Also, please use the handrails when using stairs either outside or inside the buildings.

On days when we have snow, please do not try to park on campus before 6:30 a.m., as this will impede snow removal operations. When you arrive, please park in an area that has been cleared and is away from any current plowing operations.

In order to perform snow removal operations, Physical Plant uses many pieces of equipment. Be aware that this equipment will move in many directions to complete the snow removal operations.  Please avoid walking or driving near this equipment while it is operating.

Have a safe and happy winter quarter.

Columbus State student athletes maintain high gradesCougar graphicThe Department of Student Activities and Athletics recently announced that the following student-athletes earned a GPA of 3.00 or higher during Fall Quarter, with 11 of them earning a 3.50 GPA or higher. The student athletes’ average GPA for Fall Quarter was 2.84. These student athletes have made a commitment to success both inside and outside the classroom.

Men’s Basketball Team: Raylon Almon, Lee Boddie, Juan Johnson, Jimmie Kerrigan, Cyrus Smith, Zachary Thobe, and Darious Washington.

Women’s Basketball Team: Christina Browning, Brenda Carter, Molly Dinneen, Kerri Imwalle, Tiffany Powell, and Danielle Sewell.

Golf Team: Christopher Boyd, Roderick Claerbout, Evan Lee, and Daniel McNamer.

Volleyball Team: Michelle Hammond, Meredith McDonald, Kaylee Firich, Kimberlee Tullis, and Courtney Murfield.

Congratulations Cougars!

Splat logoStudents to receive weekly email newsletterColumbus State students are now receiving a weekly electronic newsletter similar to the “Update,” but with news, announcements, tips and special events geared to their interests. The newsletter, “Splat” has a very brief, newsy format and will be emailed every Wednesday during the quarter through Columbus State’s student email system. If you have something that students need to know (or might like to know) please send that news to for inclusion in the next e-newsletter.

Payroll action, time cards due Jan. 16The Payroll Department’s goal every pay period is to make sure that Columbus State's employees receive accurate pay on time. Payroll action, time cards and leave request forms should be submitted by supervisors by the listed due dates to ensure that paychecks are accurate. The college pays employees on the 15th and the last day of each month.

Due dates for time cards and payroll Action            Pay Date
January 16, 2008                                                              January 31, 2008
February 1, 2008                                                               February 15, 2008
February 19, 2008                                                             February 29, 2008
March 3, 2008                                                                    March 14, 2008
March 17, 2008                                                                  March 31, 2008

Improvements in Colleague training and new employee orientation begin in FebruaryBeginning as early as February, significant changes in the training and orientation of new employees to the Colleague system will be implemented. 

The Colleague Quality Assurance program is a system designed to do the following: 

  1. Coordinate quality assurance programming for Colleague through Human Resources (Human Capacity Development),
  2. Provide  access to Colleague and other technology such as e-mail and telephone when a new employee arrives for the first day of work,
  3. Provide competency based training related to those functions in Colleague an employee needs to know to do his or her job.

Benefits to the college, new employees and supervisors are numerous. For example, the program: 

  1. Initiates processes for new employees to access network resources at time of hire,
  2. Initiates access to Colleague based on pre-established security classes,
  3. Initiates the employee training process,
  4. Links Colleague access to specific training,
  5. Provides tracking of employee training,
  6. Aligns Colleague access with employees’ job duties,
  7. Enables supervisors to know what security should be assigned to their new employees,
  8. Simplifies process for supervisors,
  9. Creates security roles for consistency and ease of use,
  10. Saves time with automatic approval of security class assignment upon hire,
  11. Requires Colleague module owner approval only for upgrades for additional security,
  12. Provides specific training based on functions.

The Colleague Quality Assurance program will be coordinated through Human Capacity Development, with technical assistance and training provided by Colleague module custodians and trainers. 

If you have questions, contact India Ashley, Human Capacity Development Program Coordinator at ext. 5297.