Tim Ritchie - Columbus State Community College 50th Anniversary

Priscilla R. Tyson is part of the fabric that is Columbus. She grew up in Columbus, went to Eastmoor High School, and graduated from Columbus State with an associate degree in Retailing.

Now, she is a member of Columbus City Council and chair of the finance committee.

Tyson says it was her Columbus State degree that helped launch her career.

"At Columbus State, I learned valuable critical thinking skills that I was able to apply in the classroom and in the outside world," says Tyson. "These skills have stood me well throughout my careers in business and public service."

Along with her responsibilities at City Hall, Tyson owns Star Arts, Ltd., which assists artists in promoting their work while introducing audiences to fine arts and art collection. She also is a proud mother of five children.

"These skills have stood me well throughout my careers in business and public service."

Tyson says her instructors were more than teachers; they were role models.

"I had one professor, in particular, Verna Stoner, who taught me a great deal about the retail business," she says. "Her passion for the business was contagious, and her skill as a teacher commanded our respect. She also had a sense of personal style and professionalism that made her an excellent role model for young women like me, who were just coming into our own as adults."

Tyson joined Columbus City Council in January of 2007. As a Council member, she has worked for safe neighborhoods, job creation, economic development, and quality recreational opportunities for youth, adults, and seniors. She also serves on a number of community boards.

In 1994, Tyson founded City Year Columbus, an organization that empowers young people while teaching them about leadership and civic engagement, and served as the organization's executive director.

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