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Olga Ziemska is a Fulbright Fellow and a renowned artist living in Cleveland. Her connection to Columbus State Community College is both in the classroom and on the wall.

Ziemska has a bachelor's degree in fine arts from the Columbus College of Art & Design. She also took graphic design and web design classes at Columbus State, which she used to help promote her art studio in Cleveland.

Library art

However, her most recognizable contribution to Columbus State hangs on the wall of the Columbus Hall library building. The artwork, titled Indra, was installed on the building's south fa├žade. She says the piece was inspired by thinking of the Columbus Hall library as a universe of information and a space for interconnection.

Indra is made of reflective, stainless steel symbols, which represent the majors and programs offered at Columbus State, and patterned, stainless steel wire cables. The work attempts to visualize thought, ideas, and communication as a complex network of interconnection in constant motion.

The piece was commissioned in 2012 by Columbus State in conjunction with the Ohio Arts Council and the Percent for Art program.

"I attended a class at Columbus State during the time I was studying at Columbus College of Art and Design," says Ziemska. "I was able to take an elective class at other schools and decided to take a geology class at Columbus State in 1999. This class greatly inspired my senior thesis exhibition, which culminated in my bachelor of fine art from the Columbus College of Art & Design. I also attended Columbus State in 2005 and took graphic design and web design classes, which helped me design a website for my fine art business. Those classes also gave me the skills to use different design software in promoting my work through creative marketing."

Ziemska was the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship in 2002 and a Creative Workforce Fellowship in 2009 and 2013. In 2007, she was selected as a Wendy L. Moore Emerging Artist by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cleveland.

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