Lawrene Suarez- Columbus State Community College 50th Anniversary

In her 15 years in the graphics design industry, there are plenty of areas of the field where Lawrene Suarez has practiced her skills.

Suarez earned an associate degree in interactive media from Columbus State Community College in 2012. She had already worked for years in the design industry in freelance design, graphic design, web design, interactive media and animation, and as an art director, marketing director, and multimedia designer. But she elected to go to Columbus State to increase her expertise in the interactive world.

She currently serves as the lead multimedia designer for Central Power Systems, and also owns her own successful freelance design company called 33 Engines.

"Columbus State taught me the necessities needed to prepare me for the interactive world," says Suarez. "After taking each class, I felt I had more experience to showcase in my portfolio, and it really helped me to land a great career. I was also grateful to learn about resume and portfolio development to prepare me for interviews that I nailed each time."

"After taking each class, I felt I had more experience to showcase in my portfolio, and it really helped me to land a great career."

Suarez is so enamored with her experience that she is a very active pro-Columbus State cheerleader. She recommends Columbus State to just about everyone, telling them they will never regret the decision.

She said the attraction to Columbus State begins in the classroom, with the instructors.

"Shawn Holmes was not only an amazing teacher," she says, "but also a phenomenal advisor. Taking his video editing and cinematography classes helped me expand my career even further, and opened those once-closed doors to multimedia positions. Without his influence and structured teaching method, I would not be where I am today.

Jon Lundquist was another very influential instructor who never allowed us to give up for even a split second. He showed us the light at the end of the once-scary tunnel of job searching. And he also taught me great project management skills, time management skills and professional world skills that were extremely valuable when interviewing and presenting myself to a potential client or job."

Lundquist had this to say about Suarez: "In class, I frequently used her work as the bar for the rest of the students to get to. I am proud to say Lawrene graduated from the Interactive Media program at Columbus State."

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